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How To Post can generate a lot of additional exposure for your ads. When you advertise on, your ad can be searched on the go 24/7 by potential buyers/clients searching for property at home, or via email.
To list your property on you must register with a current subscription to our services. See blow table for available account types. Chose the best account when you are registering.

* For property sales under "Seller/Renter" account catogory, please call on 0777- 438288 for more details.

Once you finished your registration properly, an activation email will be sent to your email. You must click on the link to confirm your e-mail address. If you made a mistake when you are adding you email address, the activation link won’t be sent.

Login to your account & click Add a Listing,

1st Step:   You will see the list of categories & chose a category for your new listing. Then you will direct to next step.

2nd Step: Click on "Next Step" to list under Free plan.

3rd  Step: Fill all the fields on the submition form now & click  "Next Step".

4th Step: To add photos click on "01" browse your computer & select best captured photos & click on Upload button. Capacity of your all images should not be more than 2MB. Acceptable maximum resolution ration will be 1024*768. Click "Next Step".

To reduce image resolution, open your image on Photoshop & press Ctrl+Alt+I. 'Image Size' menu will open, put a tick "√" on Constrain Proportions box & Enter '1024' in width column & Select OK..Then press Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S. You will see four boxs with containing information of the image capacity below. (Eg: "JPEG, 27.14K, 11Sec @ 28.8kbps" ). Select 1st row 2nd box & click save.

5th Step: This is the valuble feature on which offers you. In this step you can upload a video of your ad. Any youtube video (should be realated to your ad) can be uploaded. If you don't have any video to upload then leave it & click "Next Step".

6th Step: In this step, will show a preview of your new ad on which will be going to be published. Please check whether all the contents are correct and relevet. If you need to edit somthing, you can go back by clicking "Previous Step".

Make sure that all the contents are reviewed & corrected, then finish your corrent lisiting by clicking "Confirm & Continue" below.

THATS IT..... ENJOY......!

Your main menu looks like.....
E.g.: You will see your property list like below in My Property Tab.

Special NOTE for Agents

You should be the Authorized Agent of your properties which you going to sell through You should have a responsibility to take care of your clients at your best. Because the all client trusts on has rights;
·         to block any agents permanently without any notice if an agent reported as abuse
·         to edit listing to get it meaning full manner if required. To avoid this please make sure that your are putting meaning full description with details and short Title into your listing in order  to make easy to reader.
And also has no any personal connection or agreements with any agents on
Same as you should have more than 10 properties in order to entitle as an Agent on

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